How to Dress for a Date When It’s Miserably Hot Outside by LIZA CORSILLO (for men)

A date can bring on nervous sweats no matter the season. But when it's so hot out you might sweat through your clothes two minutes after walking out your front door, you need a strategic plan in place. This does not, however, mean you should wear shorts on the date. (Unless your date includes a soccer match—and you are playing in it.) Now, give in to the fact that you will sweat. The good news is, so will everyone else around you including your date. Once you accept the reality of your eventual perspiration, you can take measures to hinder and lessen the visible and olfactory signs of said sweating. Here are five steps to making your next summer date as breathable as it is good-looking.

1. (Under) Cover Your Bases The key to comfort in the heat is a good pair of breathable boxer briefs. The market is full of special fabrics meant to wick away moisture and encourage air flow. We like underwear made with modal or modal cotton blends. The fabric is made from the fibers of the Beech tree and gives your undies a super soft cool as a cucumber feel.

Pro tip: Go for gray not white boxer briefs to wear under light colored pants. Be sure to look out for visible panty (manty) lines before walking out the door.

2. Layer, Yes We're Serious We know this seems counterintuitive. But wearing a soft and thin cotton tee under your button down allows you two choices of shirt in case you end up someplace super air-conditioned. And it gives you two layers to stand up to sweaty pits.

3. Camouflage Your Pits Speaking of button downs, we'd recommend choosing one in plaid linen. The fabric is cool and loosely woven for ultimate breathability, and the pattern will hide sweat stains with its busy set of intersecting lines. Go for one with a dark navy or gray base to increase the shirt's camo capabilities.

4. Be Sneaky With Your Socks You want to look free enough to not wear socks, but you also want a layer of cotton between your feet and your shoes. No-show socks will keep your feet from getting stinky while leaving your ankles free as a bird.

5. When In Doubt Wipe The best summer secret style weapon, after deodorant, is a steady supply of individual face wipes. Don't be dissuaded by the name. These babies are great for face, pits, butt (not a doctor's opinion), and lower back sweat. Carry a few in your back pocket and use them at will. Just don't do it at the table or in front of your date.

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