How to Tell if a Guy Likes You: 60 Signs He’s Interested in you Romantically By Isabella Gray

Updated: Jan 1

The definitive list of things that guys do if they’re interested in dating you. Obviously not all guys are going to do all the things on this list. But if he’s doing more than 15 or 20, then he’s probably DTD (down to date).

1. He glances at you at lot.

2. He buys you things.

3. He gets sad when you tell him you’re thinking of going on a date with someone else.

4. He tells you secrets that he probably shouldn’t.

5. He takes time out of his day to help you with stuff.

6. He complements your wardrobe.

7. He listens to you when you vent.

8. He’s willing to try new things with you.

9. He thinks your hobbies are cool and wants to participate in them with you.

10. He’s always in attendance for your important events.

11. He buys you food or drinks.

12. He has no problem lending you money.

13. He offers to help you with chores or your job.

14. He makes positive comments about your physical appearance.

15. He asks a lot of questions.

16. He finds excuses to be near you. Like walking by your desk or workplace. “Woops. Didn’t mean to bump into you again, lol.”

17. He buys new clothes to try and impress you.

18. He asks your friends questions about you.

19. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing to help you if you need it.

20. He treats you better than his significant other.

21. He lets calls go to voicemail when he’s with you.

22. He says he’ll miss seeing you over breaks like summer vacation or Christmas.

23. He knows your middle name.

24. He’s always willing to hang out with you.

25. He prioritizes you over his friends.

26. He defends you when other people say something stupid.

27. He sends you Snaps or texts at least once every few days.

28. He’s willing to ditch work or school to hang out with you or help you with something.

29. He likes your posts on social media.

30. He makes a big deal out your accomplishments.

31. He tries to start a lot of conversations.

32. He teases you about dumb things.

33. He imitates some of your mannerisms.

34. He tells a lot of jokes and tries to make you laugh.

35. He smiles when he sees you.

36. He actually calls you on the phone sometimes.

37. He starts listening to the same music you do.

38. He keeps eye contact with you just a little bit too long.

39. He works out or does bodyweight exercises like pushups when you can see.

40. He leans closer to you when you’re talking.

41. He tries to keep the conversation going after most people would have stopped.

42. He acts different around you than around your friends.

43. He gets nervous when he’s around you.

44. He asks to add you on various social media posts.

45. He likes one of your social media posts that’s more than a month old.

46. He asks if you have a significant other.

47. He remembers goofy stuff about you that most people would forget.

48. He asks questions about your parents or siblings.

49. He doesn’t flirt with other people when you’re around.

50. He spends less time on his phone when he’s with you.

51. He invites you to a lot of things.

52. He asks your opinion before making a big decision.

53. He talks about his long-term plans.

54. He starts working out more and talks about losing weight.

55. He asks you to go with him to one of his family’s events.

56. He encourages you when you say you want to try something new.

57. He lets you pick the movie or TV show to watch.

58. He offers to help you when you’re moving into a new house or apartment.

59. He takes selfies with you.

60. He spends $50,000 on a full-page ad in the New York Times that says: “Yo, Bella. I dig you. Let’s make out.”

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