She's Not Into You: 10 Signs to Pick Up On When She's Not Interested

I don't mean to be negative but sometimes better moving on and focus on something that could actually work. Us, ladies, are very polite creatures and don't want to hurt your feelings so it is hard for us to just say "I am not into you" but we are still nice so we drop you some clues:

1. She Constantly Flakes on Plans

2. She Keeps Reinforcing That You're Just Friends

3. She Avoids Physical Contact

4. Her Replies to Your Texts Are Blunt and Terse

5. She Hasn't Introduced You to Anyone in Her World

6. She Avoids You for Days and Responds to You Intermittently

7. She Never Initiates Meetings Between You Two

8. She Gets Weird About or Won't Commit to Future Plans

9. She Tells You, Directly and in Words, That She's Not Interested

10. She Lets You Know Indirectly That She's Not Interested

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