Terms & Conditions


Dateageek.co.uk sets out in this Privacy Notice how it protects client data. Dateageek.co.uk will collect, use and store the personal information that you give us, in accordance with this Privacy Notice and in line with current data protection regulations (GDPR).

We know what data we have, and why we have it.

Dateageek.co.uk collects, stores and processes personal data given by its members and potential members. We use this data pursuant to our matching mission with you. This may include some or all the following:

  • Name, address, phone, email, mobile

  • Client personal information: gender, age, height, hobbies, etc

  • Client photo

  • Client matching preferences

  • Financial Information

  • IP Address

  • Other relevant data


We may also use the health, political and religious data that you give us with your permission in the matching process.

You may request the deletion of your personal data at any time by contacting contact@dateageek.co.uk.


We understand and comply with individual’s rights

Dateageek.co.uk members have the following rights:

  • Members have the right of access to their data

  • Members have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified

  • Members have the right to have their data erased

  • Members have the right to request the restriction or suppression of their personal data

  • Members have the right to be notified if a data breach occurs in certain circumstances where it may cause them harm or possibility of serious harm


 We have a process for how and when we contact clients

  • Dateageek.co.uk will be in contact by phone, text, email, in writing and in person with in-contract clients to fulfil their contract.


Dateageek.co.uk may be in contact if there is a potential suitable match for them, to check on the progress of a relationship or to check whether they would like to remain on the DDM database.