Matchmaker : "A person who initiates romantic relationships between others."

Definition from Oxford Languages


Why did I create

I am French and arrived in London 3 years ago. I did not know anybody in the city but decided to reach out to some old friends from the Poker Society, as I was part of it as a student in Plymouth. A few of them have since moved to London and were happy to catch up.

I realised very quickly that it was complicated for Londoners to meet new people outside of work. I have always played Matchmaker with my friends in the past and I naturally started doing it with my new group of friends in London ! There is nothing more satisfying than initiating a successful relationship and seeing your friends happy.  I created the website in order to broaden the community and spread the love !

What is your favourite matchmaking success story?

I have always liked organising big events, reuniting friends from different horizons. I travelled a lot and have friends from many different places. It is always interesting to manage having a lots of them in a same place. Mrs X and Mr Y met at one of those events 2 years ago. It all started when I suggested she would seat next to him during dinner. I know that she is very sociable and would have what it takes to bring Mr Y out of his shell. He is from London and she is from Paris. The attraction was immediate but living in different countries did not make it easy to follow up. Luckily, Mr Y had a few contracts to work in Paris so they started sightseeing together only to discover that the flame was still there. She is now preparing her move to the UK and they are planning on adopting a turtle !